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Professional and Avocational Awards 

2018 AAS Professional Archaeologist Award

The 2018 Professional Archaeologist Award was presented to Sharon Urban at our 2018 Annual Meeting in Payson, Arizona.

Sharon earned her Associate of Arts degree from Los Angeles Valley College in 1962, her Bachelor of Arts from California State University in 1965, and her Master of Arts from the University of Arizona in 1970. All three of her degrees are in Anthropology/Archaeology.

As an Archaeologist, Sharon was involved with many excavations, surveys, and laboratory projects in California and Arizona. In 1976 she became the Arizona State Museum Public Archaeologist. In this position she managed and curated, while controlling access, use and additions, to the ASM Site Survey File,

Sharon developed strong research interests in the study, recording, preservation, conservation and teaching of rock art including pictographs, petroglyphs, and gravel figures. She has maintained these interest throughout her life.

Since leaving the State Museum in 2002, she has continued to work as an archaeologist for private environmental and cultural resources consulting companies, conducting site file checks of various levels, researching historical features, doing field surveys and feature mapping, monitoring construction projects involving archaeological sites, and writing reports.

Her more than 50 publications attest that Sharon has a broad knowledge of southwestern archaeology and that she is an authority on both rock art and shell artifacts.

--Glenda A. Simmons, 2014/2018 AAS State Chair

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Note: Belt buckle below is part of the recognition for the AAS Professional Archaeologist of the Year in addition to a plaque.


2018 AAS Avocational Archaeologist Award

The 2018 Avocational Archaeologist Award was present to Nancy Zeno, a Desert Foothills Chapter member, at our 2018 Annual Meeting in Payson, Arizona.

Throughout the years since 1985 when Nancy Zeno first joined the Desert Foothills Chapter, she has been very active in trying to identify and protect archaeological sites under threat of development activities in the Cave Creek and Scottsdale area.

Her efforts at the Chapter and State level include: Chapter President, Treasurer and Membership Chair, Director, Certification Representative, Speaker Chair, Archivist and AAS State Secretary. Nancy has also participated in many AAS DFC archaeological projects and activities including the survey, locating, recording, mapping, collecting surface samples, and conducting test excavations of archaeological sites

She has contributed greatly to the accomplishments and professionalism of the Society, and to the respect that it has earned within the greater archaeological community in Arizona.

--Glenda A. Simmons, 2014/2018 AAS State Chair

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