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The Northern Arizona chapter (NAAS) is headquartered in Flagstaff. Besides local residents it attracts members from various states largely through their interest in Elden Pueblo, where AAS certification courses and other activities centered on exploration, discovery and education have been conducted since 1980. Youngsters have developed a permanent interest in archaeology through visiting Elden on tours funded by the City of Flagstaff and summer programs sponsored by the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Besides conducting AAS certification courses, NAAS members guide tours of Elden and devote hours to lab work, where volunteers are always welcome.

Public tours and dig days are scheduled throughout the summer. The last one for the year is Sept 27th from 10AM - 4Pm

In addition to a multiplicity of volunteer opportunities at Elden, the Northern Arizona chapter holds monthly meetings with a summer recess from June through August, with interruptions for social get-togethers at the annual Elden potluck in June and a holiday potluck in December.  The chapter publishes a local newsletter,and schedules occasional field trips.

Besides a focus on Elden, members of the chapter with specialized interests in rock art and archaeoastronomy have developed courses and conducted activities in these fields, allowing additional volunteer opportunities for chapter members and other amateurs and scholars with a passion for these subjects.

Chapter Officers

2017 Office Office Holder Contact Data
President Evelyn Billo 928-856-1021
Vice President Peter Blystone


Treasurer Bob Malone 202-882-6918 (cell)
Secretary Martha Shideler 928-853-4597
Director Lisa Deem/Workshop Coordinator 928-699-5421
Director Ken Kaemmerle 928-526-2693
Director Jen Blue

Webrep Bob Mark 928-526-3625
Advisor Peter Pilles 928-527-3476
MembershipJeri Grandy
Susan Golightly

Chapter Meetings

 Meeting Place
Date & Time
 The Peaks - "Alpine Room"  6:30 PM, the third Tuesday of each month  3150 N. Winding Brook Road (Hwy 180 north of Flagstaff, just south of MNA)
Flagstaff, AZ

Chapter Projects

Northern Arizona Chapter, Arizona Archaeology Society

The Northern Arizona Chapter’s primary project has been the Elden Pueblo Heritage Site for many years. It still continues to be a focus of the Chapter, with volunteers overseeing local school education programs and site work. We are completing the final report and analysis, to be presented on June 4 at an Alumni Weekend event.

Additionally, the Chapter has been conducting surveys and site assessments across the Coconino National Forest on a monthly basis.  In 2015, we completed the “extended Elden Pueblo community” along the base of Mt. Elden, and moved to the north rim of San Francisco Wash, where we are recording new sites each month. 

The Chapter hosts workshops in rock art recording, with a project area in Picture Canyon and its extended community.  Bob Mark and Evelyn Billo lead the occasional field work.

Peter Pilles conducts workshops in rock art recording, and leads rock art recording field work in San Francisco Wash, as well.

Volunteers continue to assist the Museum of Northern Arizona in its curation efforts of Coconino National Forest artifacts on Wednesdays.

Questions, or want to get involved?  Contact Lisa Deem at or 928-699-5421

A Brief History of the Beginnings of the Northern Arizona Archaeological Society

The Northern Arizona Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society was formed as an independent Archaeological society in 1967 by members of a class taught by NAU instructor Roger Kelly to assist professionals in archeological projects in the Flagstaff area. Professor Kelly had given a series of lectures on the history of Man in Northern Arizona and the society was an outgrowth of those lectures and the interest they had sparked. Both the University and the Museum of Northern Arizona encouraged the society by offering the use of their facilities. NAAS was not originally affiliated with the state society, but was instead a local growth that took advantage of local conditions and resources,with many of the same objectives as that of the state society which had begun a couple years earlier.

In 1967 the society was involved in a survey of the Shadow Mountain area, a proposed housing development to the north of what was then Flagstaff. As an outgrowth of this survey, the society gained permission to excavate one of the pithouses that was discovered in the area.

After a period of close association with the museum and the university the society became inactive for a few years. About 1977 loyal members Margaret Scott and Phil Shaefer reactivated the society. When the society was rejuvenated in the late ‘70’s it assumed the role of a chapter of the state organization and has functioned as such since that time.

About the time NAAS was reactivated Peter Pilles became advisor to the chapter and has served this role ever since. In his position as Chief Archaeologist with the Coconino National Forest, Pilles has long been an advocate for educating the public about prehistory of northern Arizona and involving students and avocational archaeologists in studying the cultures of this area. Pilles determined that the Sinagua site of Elden Pueblo, a large 12th-13th century village on the east side of Flagstaff, would be re-excavated, involving the public in archaeological techniques of survey, excavation, recording,analysis, and related activities. Elden is an archaeological model for public involvement.

Local Museums

Museum of Northern Arizona
3101 N. Fort Valley Rd.

Pioneer History Museum (temporarily closed)
2340 N. Ft. Valley Road
(928) 774-6272

Coconino Center for the Arts
2300 N. Ft. Valley Road
(928) 779-2300

Other Cultural Sites Nearby

Wupatki National Monument

Tuzigoot National Monument

Montezuma's Castle National Monument

Palatki Ruins

Museum of Northern Arizona

Hopi Cultural Preservation Office

Ridoran Mansion State Historical Park

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Arizona State Historical Society

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