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OCTOBER 25-27, 2019


The Executive Board and Planning Committee of the AAS sincerely thanks the Verde Valley Chapter for hosting and arranging the 2019 AAS Annual Meeting. They had big shoes to fill after the 2018 state meeting in Payson which was a great success and attracted just over 100 people! The 2019 meeting also had just over 100 people registered for the meeting!

A big Thank You to the members of the Verde Valley Chapter of the AAS, and especially to their President, Linda Krumrie, who worked tirelessly to organize the meeting, which was also a great success. We hope to have many more state meetings like these in the future!

We owe a big Thank You to Dr. David Wilcox for organizing the Panel Discussion on Verde Valley Archaeology and the Poster Session; to Peter Pilles for securing and introducing the keynote speaker, Dr. Carla Van West; and to Dr. Sandra Lynch for moderating the Panel Presentation. Dr. Wilcox also recruited the leaders for the Sunday field trips, and both he and Peter Pilles presented posters as well as led field trips on Sunday.

We also thank the speakers who presented their research in the Panel Discussion: Peter Pilles, Dr. Todd Bostwick, Jerome Ehrhardt, and Matt Guebard; and those who presented posters all day long, many of whom also led field trips on Sunday: Jerome Ehrhardt; Linda and Ted Neff, Peter J. Pilles, Jr., and Ron S. Krug; Todd Bostwick; Matt Guebard and Lucas Hoedl; Donald Keller; James Graceffa, Keith Greiner and Todd Bostwick; Spence Gustav; David R. Wilcox; David R. Wilcox, Donald Keller, and Jerome Ehrhardt; Keith and Jeannie Greiner, Jerome Ehrhardt, and David R. Wilcox; and Walter Gosart. Last but not least, we thank the keynote speaker, Dr. Carla Van West, a distinguished archaeologist from the Statistical Research Foundation, who highlighted recent contributions to our understanding of the archaeology of the Middle Verde River Valley and its surrounding terrain with a variety of graphs, maps and photographs.

We also thank the members who traveled to Sedona and participated in the 2019 Annual Meeting and the Field Trips on Sunday. Here's to 2020!

Ellie Large, Chair




Saturday, October 26, 2019

Elks Lodge, 110 Airport Rd, Sedona, Arizona

Welcome: Ellie Large, State Chair, opened the meeting at 10:30 am and welcomed the attendees. She announced that there would be a panel discussion in the afternoon, a dinner that evening, and field trips the next day.

Update on State Meeting: Linda Krumrie, President of the Verde Valley Chapter, thanked the many people    and institutions that had helped put on the State Meeting, including the Elks Lodge. She pointed out the Silent Auction and Raffle items available and gave the times they would be closing.

Roll Call: Ellie Large, State Chair, called the roll of chapters and asked for a show of hands of members present:

                Chapter                       No. Attending              Chapter                  No. Attending

                  Agave House                       1                        Phoenix                           6

                Desert Foothills                    1                       Rim Country                     6

                Homolovi                             3                       San Tan                           5

                Little Colorado River             1                       Verde Valley                    21

                Northern Arizona                  4                       Yavapai                          16


AAS Business Meeting

Introduction of 2020 Elected State Officers: Sharon DuBose, 1st Vice Chair, introduced the elected officers for 2020: State Chair - Ellie Large; State Treasurer - Sam Baar; 1st Vice Chair - Marie Britton;       2nd Vice Chair - Ellen Martin; Secretary: Vacant - Please Apply!

2019 Financial Report: Sam Baar, Treasurer. Sam Baar introduced himself and added a little background.    He was an AAS Member in 1968, when there were only two chapters (Phoenix and Prescott), and in 1970 was the Phoenix Chapter President. He was absent from the area for many years, then returned and was very active with the Southwest Archaeology Team (SWAT), and rejoined AAS a few years ago.

He became the State Treasurer of AAS a year ago to replace Bob Unferth. His background is in Accounting. He reported that the starting checking balance was $37,815.39; income was $13,653.05; expenses were $7,551.75; the final balance is $43,916.69. More info to come.

Jim Britton, Treasurer of San Tan Chapter, requested an opportunity to speak to an issue. When an AAS chapter collects dues for a membership, it is required to send $25 to the AAS State-level. Since most chapter dues are about $35-$40, this is a big burden on the chapters, especially small chapters. He suggested that the dues portion that chapters must remit to the AAS State be reduced from $25 to $20. The State-level AAS formerly needed more funds for printing and mailing The Petroglyph newsletter, which is now sent by email. These extra funds would be very helpful to the survival of small chapters and help ongoing programs of all chapters.


State Treasurer Sam Baar said he thought the Jim Britton’s suggestion was good, however, next year it is expected that publication costs will be higher than usual due to several reports being completed. Also some of the AAS state-level funds are committed funds and not available for other purposes.

Evelyn Christian, Rim Country Chapter President, suggested that the AAS State could subsidize speakers for some of the smaller chapters. Ellie Large, State Chair and Phoenix Chapter President, suggested that the AAS Grant Program could possibly be adapted to this. Sharon DuBose, 1st Vice Chair and Rim Country Chapter Vice President, suggested chapters could increase their dues.

Someone said that they could not find the AAS Budget on the AAS Website. Chair Ellie Large said she would look into that.

2019 Publications Report: Bill Burkett, the Arizona Archaeologist Series Editor, reported that The Pierpoint Site: A Thirteenth Century Elevated Site near Gila Bend, Arizona, by Archaeologist David Doyel and a team of  27 AAS members, mostly from the recently disbanded Agua Fria chapter, produced an extensive report which is now under peer review and, with any luck, may be issued in 2020.  In addition, the 250-page update to AA 20, Earth Figures of the Lower Colorado and Gila River Deserts: A Functional Analysis is in the works despite the recent death of Boma Johnson, the author.

Membership Report: Ellie Large, speaking for Membership Chair Gerry Haase, provided the following figures:                     2018   2019

            Chapters         10      10

            Households    529    541

            Members       776    808

Adjournment: The Business Meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am. Respectfully submitted, Dennis DuBose,



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