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The Verde Valley of north central Arizona has provided shelter and sustenance to human cultures through thousands of years.  The Paleoindians are believed to have used the Verde Valley at times during the period of 11,500 BC to 9,000 BC as evidenced by a small number of Clovis style projectile points and scratch style petroglyphs.  The Archaic culture subsisted in the Verde Valley from 9,000 BC until AD 600, again as evidenced by projectile points and petroglyphs and pictographs.  From AD 600 until AD 1400 the artifactual evidence indicates the development of a culture the archaeologists have named Southern Sinagua.  Following the Sinagua into the Verde Valley were the Yavapai and Tonto Apache.

Members of the Archaeological Society enjoy unique visits to archaeological sites in the Verde Valley and beyond. Monthly meetings feature a speaker on topics of local, state or national archaeological interest.

Professional archaeologists serve as advisors and offer laboratory and field classes to advance the knowledge and skills of avocational archaeologists. The Verde Valley Chapter is backed by excellent resources and has been actively involved in Verde Valley archaeology since 1973.  We work hand-in-hand with the U.S. Forest Service, as well as the National Park Service, the Museum of Northern Arizona and Northern Arizona University.

Members of the Verde Valley Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society, enjoy many benefits.

  • Receive the Petroglyph newsletter of the Arizona Archaeological Society.
  • Attend monthly local chapter meetings and quarterly State meetings.  All meetings include speakers in the field of archaeology.
  • Participate in day or overnight chapter guided field trips to archaeological sites in Arizona or surrounding states. These are fee-based.
  • Participate in professionally supervised field surveys and excavations conducted at the direction of the archaeologists of the Museum of Northern Arizona or the Coconino National Forest.  (Some of these require special training.)
  • Volunteer for archaeological projects at the Research Center of the Museum of Northern Arizona or for the Forest Archaeologist of the Coconino National Forest.
  • Participate in Arizona Archaeological Society certification courses in pre-history of the Southwest, rock art recording, excavation techniques, field survey procedures and mapping, site restoration and stabilization, ceramic identification and others.  These are fee-based.
  • Participate in programs to educate the public and children on the etiquette of prehistoric site visitation and the need for preservation of these sites.
  • Become trained as a docent for the V-Bar-V, Palatki and Honanki heritage sites in the Coconino National Forest.

Whether you are a novice or professional, the Verde Valley Chapter welcomes everyone with an interest in archaeology and anthropology.

Chapter phone: 928-284-9357 or 928-477-3020; P.O. Box 20969, Sedona AZ 86341 (PLEASE DO NOT SEND MEMBERSHIP DUES TO THIS ADDRESS, see below).


HOW TO JOIN: (Memberships run annually on the calendar year)

Membership Fees: $35 Single: $40 Family (Two or more residing in same household)

New or Renewal Membership Application:  Click Here

Chapter ball caps are available (while supplies last) for $15.  Contact Scott Newth to purchase.

Chapter Officers

Office Office Holder Contact Information


Dr. Ron Krug


Vice President Terrilyn Green


Treasurer Ken Lee 603-723-5159
Secretary Marcia Lee 603-723-3159 
Three Year Director Paul Cooley 281-827-4139
Two Year Director Jerry Walters


One Year Director & Activities Coordinator Scott Newth 928-274-7773
Certification Rep Jerry Ehrhardt 928-282-1557
Advisor Dr. Dave Wilcox


Advisor Peter Pilles, Jr. 928-282-3210
Advisor             Travis Bone



Chapter Meetings, Field Trips & Other Events

The Chapter Monthly Meetings are in the Sedona Public Library, 3250 White Bear Road, unless otherwise noted, on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.  No meetings are held in June, July or August.

Please Note:  ONLY Members of AAS can participant in Workshops and Field Trips.   Field Trip participants will be required to sign an AAS Liability Release Form. 

Memberships run on the calendar year.

Event/Location  Date Speaker/Instructor Topic/Event/Activity





February 26, 2015


J Scott Wood, Forest Archaeologist and Heritage Program Manager, Tonto National Forest  Goat Camp Creek Ruin Excavation Findings and Prehistory in the Payson Area
 Field Trip


March 20, 2015


Page Springs Ruins & Petroglyphs

Tour with Scott to two large Sinaguan habitation hill top sites (50+ rooms) and a large petroglyph site along Oak Creek.  


MUST BE ACTIVE MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE  Bring hiking sticks, water, hiking boots & lunch.  Hike is on uneven terrain approx. 4.5 miles RT with 500 ft CEG, no more than 200ft elevation gain at one time.  This a Moderate hike on and off trail. 

We will meet at the Sedona Library parking lot at 9:00am to carpool.   We should be back to the library at around 3pm.

Contact Scott Newth at to sign up for the "wait-list".  This field trip is FULL


Honanki Tour



March 25, 2015


Tour of Honanki with Scott Newth

Scott is a Coconino National Forest Archaeology docent at Honanki (70+ room site & hundreds of pictographs) and will be leading a free, open to the public tour for The Friends of the Forest.  Once at Honanki, the tour will be approximately 2 hours.

Meet at 9:00am at Fay Canyon Parking lot (on Boynton Pass Road).  Membership is not required.  Bring water.  The tour will conclude before noon.  Open to the public. 

Call 928-203-2900 to sign up.  Registration is required to participate.





March 26, 2015


 Chris Coder, Archaeologist, Yavapai-Apache Nation  "A brief history of the Yavapai-Apache Nation"
 Field Trip


April 3rd, 2015


 Field trip with Scott Newth to Hancock Ranch (east side of Loy Butte) to see prehistoric pictographs and petroglyphs.

This field trip will be ~1/2 mile walk on uneven terrain (no trail!) and last ~ 2 hours. There is a steep, loose 150ft elevation gain hike up to the site. Hiking boots are required and hiking sticks recommended. 

This is on PRIVATE PROPERTY and we have received specific permission to enter this sensitive site.  Public access is not permitted.  As usual, under no circumstances are GPS location(s) or photos to be published anywhere!

We will meet at the Fay Canyon parking lot at 9:30am and carpool into the Ranch.  Limited to 15 members.

Contact Scott Newth to sign up. 

 Field Trip


April 18th, 2015


Field trip with Jerry Walters

 Field Trip with Jerry to several petroglyph and ruin sites in Walker Basin

 The hike will be ~4 miles and take ~5 hours.  There is 450 ft. of elevation gain and 800 ft. of cumulative elevation gain.  Most of the elevation gain is gradual.  There are just a few short steeper sections.  Hiking boots are REQUIRED and hiking sticks, sunscreen and hats are recommended.    Minimum of 2 quarts/liters of water.   

Space is limited.  Please contact Scott to sign up or Jerry for more information about the hike.


Annual Memorial Speaker at the Sedona Creative Life Center



April 23, 2015


 Annual Memorial Speaker- Larry Lindahl Chapter Member and Professional Photographer. 

Larry was the photographer for a book being published in early 2015 "The Ancient Southwest: A Guide to Archaeological Sites"

"Photographing the Ancient Southwest"

Larry will show the picturesque aspects of the ancient sites and how he photographed them for the book.  The images are from 50 National Parks and Monuments in the Four Corner States of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and ColoradoIt will be an engaging visual presentation of beautiful photos and stories.  Larry will have autographed books available for sale.

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