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The Little Colorado River Chapter is located in Springerville, Arizona.  Formed in 2003, we are comprised of members from all parts of the Little Colorado River drainage area in Arizona.  The chapter is not connected to any one archaeological site but seeks to preserve, protect and appreciate archaeology in general.   The Chapter meets every 3rd Monday of the Month for a general meeting and speaker unless a field trip is planned.  Meetings are held at the Springerville Heritage Center, 418 E. Main Street in Springerville, AZ.  Call 928-551-4119 for more information.


November 17, 2014  Public Welcome.  Free

          Springerville Heritage Center, 418 E. Main Street, 7:00PM

MIKE LAWSON will be the speaker for this meeting, dinner at Trailrider's at 5PM

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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Dear Little Colorado River Chapter “LCRC” Members:

Our trip to Fort Apache Historic Park and Kinishba Ruins National Historic Landmark will be here soon, Saturday, October 18, 2014.  The Cultural Center and Museum is usually closed on Saturday during the Fall and Winter seasons; however, the Cultural Center will open specially for our group that day.  I felt we would have approximately 15 attendees and therefore I need a quick response from you letting me know if you plan to attend.  I will let you know, after hearing from you, if we have the required number of attendees.  We will have a knowledgeable Fort Apache guide take us through the sites.

There are picnic grounds available where we can have a “bring your own picnic lunch.”

As always, we will meet in Springerville at the Heritage Center, 418 E. Main Street in Springerville, travel on the 260 to Honda, then the 73 to the Whiteriver area.

The White Mountain Apache Cultural Center opens at 10 a.m.; therefore, we should be leaving Springerville at 8:45 a.m.  We need to sign waivers, so be at the Heritage Center at approx., 8:30.

Please email me that you will/will not be attending so that I have a good count to report to the Cultural Center.

There is a $3.00 charge payable at the museum for the--Kinishba Ruins, the museum and the walking tour.  $3.00 seniors 65 and over, $5.00 adults.

The following is a repeat of the previous email sent to you describing the trip:

Here is information regarding our field trip to Fort Apache Historic Park on Saturday, October 18, 2014

We will visit the White Mountain Apache Cultural Center and Museum; take a walking tour of the historic district’s 27 buildings (Army Post from 1870 to 1922).  Two of the 27 buildings can be visited:  the General Cook log cabin and the Victorian building--the officer’s quarters.  We might be able to also visit the boarding school if there is someone available at the school to give us permission.  Four miles west of Fort Apache are the Kinishba Ruins National Historic Landmark.  The Kinishba Ruins are something special.  They are isolated and are in a very beautiful location.  Linda and I were there the fall of 2013, the leaves were changing color to gold, and there were beautiful, big clouds and a bright blue sky.  Down the hill from the ruins was a creek with no water, at that time; however, there was a blue/green pool at the bottom of a non-running waterfall.  If it were raining, the water would have been gushing.  The hill, on which the ruins are located, is bolstered by work done by the Indian Division of the CCC from 1935 – 1939.  The Ruins are the remains of a village built and populated by ancestors of today’s Zuni and Hopi Pueblo tribes.  Settlement was as early as AD 800.  Scattered nearby are pottery, “Hopi Yellow Wares and Zuni Glaze Wares, suggest occupation by Pueblo people into the 1400’s.  There were about 600 ground-floor rooms (400-800 occupants”).

The following description is quoted from the Fort Apache pamphlet:  “On May 16, 1870, an Army post was established at the confluence of the north and east forks of the White River in the foothills of the White Mountains.  Located in the center of the White Mountain Apache people’s homeland, the post was constructed to assist the White Mountain Apache people to remain peacefully on their lands and to stem conflict among Native people and incoming settlers in the surrounding region.  Today it recalls a turbulent period of both conflict and cooperation between representatives of the United States and various bands of Western Apaches.”

Need more info, please email or call me.

Thank you,

Carol Buseman, Program Chairperson

Thanks to all you contributed and bought tickets for the LCRC Quilt Raffle, 2013.  Billye Wilda, who made and donated the quilt to the LCRC, and Linda Schuster, who was in charge of ticket sales, made this raffle a great fund raiser for the LCRC.  We raised over $1000 for the Chapter! 

For 2014, we are looking forward to another quilt raffle - the quilt will be awesome!  We'll keep you posted!

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Dues are payable January 1 of each year (Single: $35.00; Family: $40.00)

Join today! 

Explore new places, meet new people, share in protecting our regional cultural resources and enjoy the good fellowship and programs. 

Membership benefits include:

*Tours & hikes to interesting places in the SW (due to liability considerations, members only)

*Presentations by local and regional specialists 

*Receive publications produced by the AAS, including quarterly newsletter and The Petroglyph 

*Hands-on participation and volunteer work in ongoing stabilization , reconstruction and maintaining

Casa Malpais Pueblo 

*Certification in various fields which allow members to participate in AAS-approved archaeological excavations.

Send your memberships to:

Ann Wilkinson, Treasurer, LCRC

.                                             600 S. Creekside, Show Low, AZ 85401                                               






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Lynette Cross
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One Year Director Hartley Anderson
Two Year Director Carol Buseman
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Alice Van Lunen

Archivist  Sue Ziegler
 Past President,
Valued Advisor
 Carol Farnsworth  928-333-3219

Chapter Meetings

The chapter meets at the Casa Malpais Museum, Springerville, at 7:00 PM, on the third Monday of each month.  Some months a field trip or activity may substitute for a monthly meeting.

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